At Parkside, we support rider development all skills. Our expert-led training program is structured in three levels:

Level One

Level One is our beginning program for riders with little or no Hunter, Jumper or Equitation experience. It is also a good place for the more leisure rider to transition from pleasure riding to competition. Riders generally begin lessons riding one of the Parkside trained school horses or ponies, in private or semi-private lessons. Trainers will assess rider level and readiness to ensure safety and fit with the program level.

Cost is $100 per half hour lesson, generally taken two to three times per week. The fees include use of horse tack, grooming and tacking, and introductory horsemanship. No personal equipment is included.

Level Two

Level Two is a broad level for riders interested in getting more serious about training and beginning to compete.  Rider is expected to lease or purchase a horse, participate in several semi-private lessons per week, and participate in local show competitions. Costs include full board and horse training, along with an individualized rider training program, and support for local competition shows.

Board and training  fees are $2900/month, plus horse lease or purchase, and show fees. Assistance with horse selection, lease and/or purchase, vetting and transportation provided (additional applicable fees apply).

Level Three

Level Three is our most serious and advanced level of training and competition. At this level, riders will compete locally, regionally and potentially, at the national level.  Rider owns or will purchase horse(s) aligned with and specific to their training and competition goals. Rider will have an individualized training and competition show plan, updated annually. Costs include full board and horse training along with individualized rider plan.

Board and training fees are $2900/month, plus horse purchase, show, and applicable acquisition fees. Assistance with horse selection, purchase, vetting and transportation provided (additional applicable fees apply).

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