Board and Training Includes:

Lessons, training, grooming, and turnout available 7 days per week.

Specific number and combination of lessons and trainer rides will be determined by the training team to best meet client and horse training goals. Missed lessons are substituted with trainer rides (makeup lessons are not offered).

Full grooming of horse, including tacking up and putting away.

Outdoor turnout and blanketing.

Feeding quality timothy/grass hay 3 times a day as well as separate feedings of nutritionist recommended grain and supplements 2 times a day.

Administration of medications, vitamins, and supplemental feed.

Stalls cleaned twice a day, year round.

24-hour supervision, including night checks.

Handling and scheduling of vet, farrier, and related appointments.

All show services and annual memberships.

Board and Training: Horse = $2,900 per month

Board and Training: Pony = $2,800 per month

Board with Medical Care = $1,850 per month

Single lesson with school horse = $100 per lesson

Extra expenses paid by Parkside on behalf of client = $20 per item

Late fee for payment after the 10th of the month = $50 per horse

Horse laundry = $40 per month (approximate)