Board and Training Includes:


Lessons, training, grooming, and turnout available 7 days per week. Up to 6 training sessions per week; choose between 3 to 4 lessons and 2 to 3 trainer rides. Missed lessons are substituted with trainer rides.

Full grooming of horse, including tacking up and putting away.

Indoor and outdoor turnout

Feeding quality timothy/grass hay 3 times a day as well as separate feedings of nutritionist recommended grain and supplements 2 times a day.

Administration of medications, vitamins, and supplemental feed.

Stalls cleaned twice a day

24-hour supervision, including night checks.

Handling and scheduling of vet, farrier, and related appointments.


Board and Training: Horse = $2,500 per month

Board and Training: Pony = $2,350 per month

Board with Medical Care = $1,650 per month

Single lesson with school horse = $85 per lesson

Expenses paid by Parkside on behalf of client = $20 per item

Late fee for payment after the 10th of the month = $50 per horse